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Yuki Miyazaki
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Now I can't remember who made the current Uruha layout. Anyway, Thank you very much for the layout! It's very beautiful!


Name: Grace
Nick: Yuki

Apparently, my selection of art, game and music differs. Many different wide range but if you give me an American joke... I don't think I will be able to understand.

By the way, I archived some of my post here.
Archives~ <3

Other than that just few more about myself.
Music: the GazettE, Luna Sea, D, Onmyouza, Versailles, Abindon Boys School, T.M Revolution, SID ... Too many to name.
Art: Digital Artworks, Painting, Animation, Manga, Doujin(マジで本当です。)
Game: Final fantasy series, Kingdom Heart Series, Biohazard series, Sengoku Basara(ARE YOU READY GUYS?!YEAH!!!www) Otome Games (Mainly Hakuouki, Utapri and Amnesia)
Accessories: Gothic style, mainly attracted to crosses.
Food: Japanese food
People: I like nice peoples! (笑)

Music: grunge.. I can't understand the songs and composition
Food: Too much fried can hurt my throat easily.
People: Bad attitude but jokes are alright.

credit: Potato Chippu
arts 美術, drum ドラム, game ゲーム, guitar ギター, j-rock j-ロック, japan 日本, japanese language 日本語, music 音楽, the gazette ガゼット, visual kei ヴィジュアル系,  うたプリ,  原田左之助,  神宮寺レン,  薄桜鬼, ニコニコ動画, 乙女ゲーム, 伊達政宗, 前田慶次, 戦国basara, 猿飛佐助, 黒執事